Saturday, September 3, 2011

I've been being lazy!

I'm amazed by all the folks out there looking for more help. To answer many of the questions that I've seen on here, the reason I've not addressed any of the issues with 11.04 is that I've not upgraded! After I got 10.10 working as I wanted I decided to wait it out a bit. Basically with working full time in the marine corps, a baby on the way in a matter of days and taking 9 hours worth of class my time has been pretty full.

With all that being said, here's what I can do for y'all. After I finish my homework today I'm going to pick up a new external hard drive and backup my current setup and do a fresh in stall of 11.04 and try to start addressing some of the issues.

With that as a goal we might want to look at starting up a wiki or similar page that allows for group editing so that those of you with fixes can post your results.

The LennyX iso is something I still have but have not used, for the same lack of time as above. The reason that there is no info about it is that shortly after Sudeep put up a site hosted by himself it got hacked. Same with his wiki site. For some reason despite my endorsement of his project on this blog he didn't get much in the way of support so I think he ran out of energy. I can't say if it is safe or not. Shouldn't be too hard to do a security audit on it though. The most simple answer would be to install it and boot into it with nothing going on ( network services, browser, etc) then open up a netstat -a and watch for strange connections. I will say that I don't think there was any reason not to trust it. It is a default Ubuntu distro, it just has the updated configurations for our drivers.

As of right now the issues that seem to be the most prevalent are:
1) Battery Life
2) HDMI Out Not working
3) New Catalyst driver needs some testing
4) Touchpad issues (?)