Thursday, December 1, 2011

Finally updated to 11.10

Sorry for the long delay! I'm glad to see that activity has been high.
I just updated to Ubuntu 11.10.

I've only been using it about a day and it seems that everything is actually working. I haven't tried HDMI out yet. VGA_Switcheroo is infact installed by default and usable. Sound, WIFI and the trackpad all work out of the box.
Battery life could be better. However the battery icon does in fact work!

I'm not a fan of the desktop though. I'm going to switch it up to the original Gnome desktop. I'll provide help on that later today.

What issues are y'all seeing with 11.10?


  1. Are you just using the open source driver and VGA_Switcheroo? Do you use any desktop effects and if so is the performance decent?

  2. I use Arch Linux with Opensource ATI drivers in a dm4 (works the same way as the old envy), and switching to ATI heats up the GPU. Does it heat up in Ubuntu as well?

  3. The distro shouldn't have any real effect on the kernel and drivers, other than using newer or older versions of it. In other words switching from one distro to the other shouldn't effect the GPU use. I've not noticed my GPU running (getting hot or the fan on full time). I am using the open source driver and VGA_switcheroo. The previous posts had the scripts included and those are still working. I haven't changed the desktop from the default Ubuntu Unity, although I'm not a fan, just haven't had time. I haven't enabled any effects but performance is snappy and more than acceptable.

  4. waking up from sleep causes a fan to spin extremely loud, only reboot helps, or is this only me?

  5. The trick with putting graphics switcheroo script in /usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d from your previous post's comments helped, the fan goes back to normal!

  6. Thanks for your posts. I have a dual ATI/Intel HP dm4t, and I was getting depressed with the idea of switching back to Windows. There is a way to create launchers in Unity (little more work than the old GNOME...). This sounds like a nice weekend project! I'll post my experience later.

  7. Made a small guide based on my experience with the HP Envy 14-2020nr at Seems to work for me. Keep in mind that that was with a CLEAN install, not upgrade.

  8. Alex,
    I'm using the open source drivers with the onboard card and performance seems fine. I've since swapped from Unity, but it was fine for as long as I used it.

    For those of you that dislike Unity, xfce is a decent replacement. XUbuntu uses XFCE in place of Unity; alternatively you can grab the xubuntu-desktop package from a plain old Ubuntu 11.10 install as well.

  9. Hi! my problems whit 11.10 wass that screen froze all the time, for 1-2minuts i used the Ubuntu drivers for ATI/AMD XFECE, i wass sutch a problem for me that the screen (X.term?) froze all the time, wass sutch a delay in my work and ubuntu 11.10 runed slow wasent happy whit the preformance, wass a pain in the foot to do stuf. so i installed 10.04.3 lucid, and the only problem i run into wass the wireless Boardcom 4353 wifi card dident work and afther i got it working it's unstable and my computer is heating to mutch & Movies - in every media player is lagging, i have installed the ubuntu codex package but dident help. i'am about to go back to windows now, but i got a hope that this probely can be fixed cuz i found this blog :) i have been looking for help to get this envy-14-1190eo to work stabile whit ubuntu, watch a movie whitout lagging( in 10.04.3, wass fine in 11.10 64bit as i remember) and maby play a game (CS 1.6, CS:S). i even considurating to buy a new computer :P

  10. Hey, maybe there can be a new post that just asks people to comment on their experience with 12.04. I'm curious what people are running into before I give it a try!

  11. I did finally do a fresh install of 12.04. It seems to me things are working marvelously well in general. For what it's worth, here's what I have run into. Issues first, and review of everything else thereafter.

    -a few times now when I've tried to start the machine, it has gotten stuck on a black screen. In these cases, the only way out is to force shutdown by holding down the power button. Not sure, but it seems like plugging in the power or unplugging it has resulted in the next boot being successful. It may also be something to do with the startup scripts to designate the iGPU?
    -right click on clickpad still not working (two finger tap is the acceptable alternative)

    Defaults to open source drivers. No real issues that I can see. VGASwitcheroo works great. (see Ubuntu's Hybrid Graphics page). I use the script mentioned there for switching the card using a gui. I also have it set to use the IGPU by default, turning the dGPU off. No HDMI while using the IGPU. Don't know about the display port since I don't have anything to use it with. I did have trouble starting Supertux with dGPU when the window was on the non-laptop screen. Not sure what that means.

    Works great. Click and drag works well. Right click still doesn't work, but can be accomplished with two finger tap.

    *Special keys:
    Volume works fine, brightness works fine for the most part, but does what it did before: first time you tap down brightness it goes all the way dim. Then the on-screen notification doesn't always line up with the actual brightness. Wifi works great—flashes red/white indicating traffic. In previous versions I heard some say that the wifi button would turn off the wireless but not turn it back on again. I never had that problem. Still don't.

    The only issue I have is that the estimated time remaining is always wrong. But it's wrong in Windows, as well. It always wants to tell me I have about 1:05 left on the battery whenever I startup. And while the time decreases as the battery decreases, it never reflects the real remaining time. Because of this I have to guess that it will last 2-4 times the amount show at all times. I suspect this to be a batter issue—where the battery is not reporting actual usage for some reason. If anyone knows of a way to correct this without going back to HP, please let me know! An issue that was resolved with this release is that I can plug-in/un-plug at any point and behavior is normal—previously everytime it was connected/disconnected with power it would claim it was low on battery and about to shut down, which it did! Strangely enough, when I switched to the dGPU, the time remaining went up to 2:30...

  12. Hey Dave thank you for your comment i will try 12.04 now and let you know if i come across the same issues.


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