Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some news from one of the followers of this blog!

There doesn't appear to be much actual work done, however one of the members seems to be working towards a Envy optimized release.
Here's his post:

"Sudeep said... Announcing a linux distro optimized for the Envy 14.

I've been by the site just this morning and am excited by the idea. Such a niche distro might be difficult to maintain with such a small group of users. Be sure to stop by and take a look at the site, sign up and show some support. I will certainly be putting forth some effort from all the lessons learned in this blog.


  1. I have just tested with the video adapter mini-display-port to DVI and is not working! Same behave as HDMI port tentative!!!


    I`m downloading the distro and I`ll check!

  2. This blog is kind of with no more updates. I saw that the site of this distribution has been hacked. Loose credibility for my perspective.

    And I create a post to try to track a possible solution for HDMI issue,

  3. I've not made any real progress due to time spent at work and travelling. It seems as though Sudeepn has made some pretty great strides though! One of his latest posts on his forum says that he's had total success with 11.04

  4. I saw this post Marc, and what I'm VERY interested is on HDMI/Display-port working!!!!!

  5. Does anyone know what happened to the lenvyx web site? It was shaping up to be a highly useful resource but has now been replaced with an empty wiki.

    I'm running lenvyx very happily as my main OS by the way.

  6. hi guys, i found this site about a week ago and have been sifting through it to try to get linux working smoothly on my hp envy. i'd like to help out and share what im learning, any way i can help?

  7. Posting comments here is currently the best way to contribute. Unfortunately I don't have the time to run a wiki server or other forum. If somebody took the time to put up a new forum that'd be great. Apparently many of the issues that were present in the 10.10 and earlier releases have been solved in 11.04 with its newer kernel. The newer kernel is catching up with the hardware again. Anything envy specific can be put in here and I'd be happy to repost it. If you send me an email with an article I'd love to give you credit and post it on the blog. Its been months since I've had anything to post.

  8. I wasn't able to find any way to contact Marc directly so he could post this separately, but hopefully this will suffice:

    It looks like the suspend power bug is caused by the discrete card. Even though vga_switcheroo says the card is powered down, it continues to consume power post-resume.

    I use suspend pretty often, so it's been particularly annoying. If you don't reboot your system often and don't use the discrete card, the following workaround allows you to temporarily disable the discrete card which eliminates the suspend bug.

    - On boot press f10 to enter bios, as soon as it says "Entering bios" in the bottom left corner, start pressing A. This should take you into the advanced bios. There's a video tab somewhere under advanced configuration where you can specify which GPU to use (by default it's set to hybrid). Select iGPU. Now you should be able to suspend without a problem.

    Unfortunately the setting doesn't stick between reboots on BIOS f.13, so you'll have to manually change this setting every time you reboot your system (or when you hibernate it). The setting is maintained between suspends, though.

    The most recent BIOS version is f.23. I haven't had a chance to upgrade to see whether it allows the video card setting to be saved, but the BIOS changelogs don't say anything about it so I imagine it's unlikely.


  9. Hi, Marc, this is a great beginning to a site about the envy 14 and linux! I'm impressed by the first several posts. Most of your posts, however, have to do with 10.10, and I'm not sure if they'll work with 11.04 or if I should even try.

    I think what would be helpful for myself and others is to see what issues there are with each version of Ubuntu, and how to go about dealing with them. Perhaps you could post something like "Envy 14 and Linux 11.04 64bit", give a brief overview and list of problems with links to solutions. You could maintain this list as people suggest fixes or have links to new info. This would very much help out those who are just beginning. I'd appreciate knowing how newer versions of the catalyst driver are behaving, as well, and how they compare to advances with the open source drivers. This would also give us a way to collaborate and contribute.

    I've been hesitent to use Lenvyx because it's not an official distro--meaning I don't know if it's clean or if there is some malicious code. I don't want anyone watching my passwords or reading my files. And there's next to no information out there about it--at least I haven't found much. It may work, but it seems a little less than transparent to me.

    Currently I've been limping along with the Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit. I've had a few problems here and there. The biggest problem for me has to do with the battery. I'm curious if this is just a 64bit problem, or if my installation is messed up, or if everyone has the same problem. I get maybe an hour of battery life. Worse still, whenever I plug my computer in, I get the on screen message that my computer is on reserve battery and that it will shut down shortly if not plugged in...even though I just plugged it in! Occasionally this will not happen, and it will continue without suspending, but if I'm using the discrete card, this will create a big problem (black screen on restart).

    I think we need to get some more communication going on this site--with 20 official followers and obviously more who check the site, there is already some decent attention.

    Or are we just waiting patiently until 11.11 to see what is fixed and/or what new problems arise? It would definitely be good to organize ourselves a little bit before then so we can divide the work and share our findings when the new version comes out.

    Marc, thanks for taking the initiative on this site. Hopefully we can renew some energy here.

  10. Hello all. I am happy to see there are some people around who try to get ubuntu work on the Envy 14. For my part I am very upset I bought this PC since I do not want to use Windows any more (apart from when I have no other choice to update a gps or check on some very secific softs released only to be used on Win) and I am starting ti think it will never work correctly before it will be so old that I'll want to change it for a new one. On the other hand it doesn't give me much credit when I try to convince friends to switch to Linux.

    I am running lenvyx with satisfying results even if my battery lasts around 1h30 (I hate it) and I am now wondering if there is any other Linux release that works with the Envy14. And since I am no techy it would be cool if that release was user friendly ;-)

    Thanks guys for the work you do and hope our pc will one day work just fine on Linux.

  11. Hello. I wanted to try out Lenvyx, but the only download link that I found seems to be broken.

    Can someone point me to the right link? And also the wiki page seems to be hacked!

  12. Hi, I'm currently using my HP Envy with lenvyx too, that's the best distro for the HP Envy I found. It's kind of dead but i would really like it to reborn. I recreated an ISO from my CD and uploaded it to megaupload so everybody can download it:

    Is there any people able to extend and enhance Lenvyx ?
    I can build and host a website, i can also host a git repository for the project, but i can't really modify the system, and i don't want to take some time if nobody can help me ^^

  13. Well, I want to try lenvyx too. But now megaupload is down! ROAR! How can I get my hands on that distro!

  14. I reuploaded it to bayfiles, a bit late but it may help :)

  15. hi all, one question

    i have an envy 15 1066nr
    there are many differences between the 14, like switching the graphic card

    lenvyx is gonna work for me? im running fedora atm, it runs very good, but no perfect (hdmi problems)

    anyone knows if lenvyx is the best option for me?