Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Issues with 2.6.37rc2 Maverick (mainline PPA)

Going to have to put a little hold on the next tutorial. There are some other issues present in the upstream (mainline ppa) 2.6.37rc2 kernel for Ubuntu 10.10. After running the system and happily enjoying the graphics acceleration I rebooted to find that the system was having issues with acpi calls on bootup, causing a failed boot.

That being said, I intend to pull down the vanilla 2.6.37 stable source ( and build a kernel from that. If it works, I'll build a tutorial that will offer up how to build the kernel, at least the options required in the kernel, and then how to setup the hardware acceleration. Unless of course Canonical pushes an updated kernel before I can knock this out. Maybe I'll figure out how to run my own ppa and make it really easy for those uninterested in taking the time to build the kernel.


  1. Thanks for all your hard work! Your posts have been really useful so far and I'll be checking back for more.

    Having improved my battery life with the help of laptop mode's configuration files (see the issue I would really get around is usually having no plymouth showing on boot-up, which I understand to be because of a conflict between the ATI and Intel graphics drivers. Good luck looking into the acpi calls and thanks again.

  2. I got around that by blacklisting the radeon module and modprobe it again in /etc/rc.local.

  3. Also I would turn the unused video interface on before sleep or hibernation and turn it off on wakeup.

    If you leave the unused interface off and proceed to suspend/hibernate the unused interface would be turned on, and you would have no way of turning it off via vga_switcheroo until after reboot.

  4. Thanks very much for the tips, tuppa. As a newbie I didn't know about the modprobe command, so that was really useful. I now have a much quicker boot-up and see my plymouth, so it's much appreciated.

  5. I would really appreciate a kernel build tutorial. I have built kernels in the past, but would really like to see how to tune the kernel options to best support the Envy 14. I am aiming to get it running on Debian 6.0 which is released with kernel 2.6.32 so will probably have to compile the latest anyway to follow your other instructions regarding switchable graphics and the touchpad.